System Stack

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I wouldn’t call them “projects” per se but I do have a couple of open source things on Sourcehut of which I’m proud enough to set to public, which is rare.

  • systemstack - This is the Hugo theme that this site is based on, styled with SASS.
  • .emacs.d - My Emacs config is set up as a literate Org file (also published to Markdown via Pandoc to create the README) that gets you up and running quickly with a decent (though perhaps a bit “basic”) Emacs setup good for a lot of things but especially for prose writing.
  • names.tcl - Want to generate a whole bunch of random combinations of the stuff in a two-column CSV? Like, say, 1000 fictional character names based on a list of first names and a list of last names? I made a Tcl script for that.