System Stack


I have a couple of open source things on Sourcehut which I think are decent enough to set to “public,” which is rare.

  • systemstack - This is a Hugo theme created from the original look and feel of this site. It’s not dissimilar from the current way the site looks and operates, but it’s simpler, and blog-oriented. 0BSD licensed.

  • .emacs.d - My Emacs config is set up as a literate Org file (also published to Markdown via Pandoc to create the README) that gets you up and running quickly with a decent (though perhaps a bit “basic”) Emacs setup good for a lot of things but especially for prose writing. GPL3 licensed.

  • borland-theme.el - An Emacs theme based on a Vim theme based on the blue-background look of the old Borland DOS IDEs. Went from a lark to my main Emacs color scheme surprisingly quickly, so I decided to share, but I haven’t added it to MELPA. GPL3.