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This is System Stack, a blog by Kevin Lipe. I’ve written other stuff other places, and done a lot of things, but ideally none of that really matters here. This is just (“just”) a space for writing about things that interest me, in a way that I hope interests other people too.

Originally this site was a high-minded exploration of computers and productivity systems. I will still do a lot of that, because that’s still something that I spend a lot of time thinking about and interacting with. But I also needed to loosen up my own requirements for what I can post here, so I could do things like create the Links subsite and start posting generated fiction.

I hope you like it. The audience for this thing is mostly on Mastodon, so you can find me there if you want to talk about it.


This is a Jekyll site hosted on Uberspace. Some day I may write my own static site generator that runs on 9front but today is not that day.