System Stack


This is System Stack, a blog by Kevin Lipe. I’ve written other stuff other places, and done a lot of things, but ideally none of that really matters here.

This is just (“just”) a space for writing about computers and the way we (or I) use them, and the things people use them for. I’m interested in the history of computers, in the idea that a computer is a “bicycle for the mind” in that Dream Machines/Computer Lib way that almost feels childish now, and I hope that sensibility carries through into my writing here. What do you call the layers of technology you use to do your work? A stack.

Another thing I like thinking about is what marketing people and bloggers call “productivity systems.” Everyone has a system. What’s the best way for one to organize one’s work? What kinds of systems, tech-based or otherwise, can help people achieve their goals and accomplish the things they want, whether that’s professionally or otherwise?

I may create some kind of email newsletter for System Stack, but I haven’t come up with a good enough reason yet, so until I have a truly compelling hook around which to build such a thing, I don’t have one.

I hope you like this site. The audience for this thing has always mostly been on Mastodon, so you can find me there if you want to talk about it.


This is a Hugo site hosted on Uberspace. The theme used by the site is called systemstack and I’ve released it as open-source here. Some day I may write my own static site generator, but today is not that day.