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Things I Might Write

First things first: I’m not even sure why I’m committing this to a blog post. Generally I consider it bad form to talk about any writing project at all before it’s finished, but in the spirit of showing my work, I’m trying to do things differently. My hope is that setting this stuff out in writing will impart some mystical force behind it from the writing gods, such as they are.

Here are some things I could write. Some of them I’ve mostly already written. Some of them I’m writing, or at least outlining, which is really writing anyway. Some of them will never make it further than this list. Call it a “mood board of the mind.”

  • A book roughly laying out the “productivity system” that I follow in my work and life, so that other people can maybe find things in it that they want to steal for themselves. This is called The Unsystem (for now, anyway) and will probably be the first thing I release under the Frownland imprint.
  • A novel set in and sort of about the 1987 NASCAR Winston Cup season. Yes, seriously.
  • A deeply weird thing (maybe novella?) set in and around Atari’s weird research and development programs at the time of Atari’s sale by Warner Communcations to the Tramiels. This one is at least partly about interactive fiction.
  • A manifesto/short essay thing about permacomputing, that may actually show up here on the blog first.
  • Something about churches, some with money and power and some without, fighting a secret war among themselves over what is and isn’t real.
  • A novel-length piece of generated fiction structured around the major arcana of a tarot deck.

This isn’t a complete list, and only skims the surface of what some of this stuff is. Consider each bullet point an iceberg. But I wanted to set it out as a signpost for myself, a public committment to at least make an effort on some of these. I guess we’ll see what happens next.

Published June 3, 2022 12:00